Meet the characters

Mr Bean

Mr Bean has a unique way of approaching everyday problems in a rather round about way, which has made him a family favourite. He’s a lovable character who everyone would like to help out of his sticky situations. Being a man of few words, his humour is universally popular.

Three Wheeler

Mr Bean has taken a dislike to a particular powder blue car and its mystery driver. Though he doesn’t go out of his way to seek confrontation with the car, he is quite happy to scourge Britain’s roads of the offending vehicle as accidentally on purpose as possible.


Teddy is Mr Bean’s life-long best friend. Being inanimate, he is invaluable as a trusted co-conspirator, easy to beat at chess and doubles as a good dish cloth or paint brush in an emergency.

Mrs Wicket

Landlady, Mrs. Wicket, a blunderbuss of a woman with a voice like a concrete mixer, is the bane of Mr Bean’s existence. She was married 50 years ago for a mere ten minutes before her husband wisely made a dash for freedom.

Irma Gobb

Irma Gobb is sort of Mr Bean’s sort of girlfriend (sort of). A sweet girl, who probably has a sort of degree in something
or other. She’s sort of fond of Mr Bean but mainly visits so that her teddy can play with Bean’s teddy.


Scrapper the one eyed cat hates all humans, especially Mr Bean, although he does feign affection for his tin opener: Mrs Wicket. His hobbies include scratching, mousing and getting Bean into terrible trouble with Mrs Wicket at every opportunity.

Mr Bean’s Car

Mr Bean loved lime-green small cars from the very first day he saw one at the age of ten. Expecting to receive one for Christmas he was inconsolably miffed when Santa fobbed him off with a Dinky version. He purchased his present car at an extortionate £57.

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